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This page is under construction

This page for giving an overview of Managing any Fedora Event.

[0] The landing page for events is <[[FedoraEvents>]]

[1] For any event that you would like Fedora to participate in, please ensure that the event details are there on the above page

[2] The event details require owner(s) for each event

[3] If you are looking at re-imbursements etc for the specific event, please take time to read <[[Reimbursements>]]

[4] Event reporting duties are explained at <[[FedoraEvents/ReportingGuidelines>]]

[5] Provide as much detail as possible on plans, activities that you have around the event, to the fedora-ambassadors list and your regional list (for example, for events in India, you need to mail to fedora-ambassador and fedora-india lists) as early as possible. This ensures that allocation of budget can be done in a much better way.

[6] Ensure that you have looked up and coordinated with the local Ambassador