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[edit] Fedora Events: Jornada de Divulgacion

  • A whole day organized for an Recognized University in Colombia for conferences on subjects related to Open Source Software as well as telecommunications, medical artificial intelligence and computer science.
  • It will have universities of the country and the world.
  • http://www.sistemasunbosque.edu.co and http://www.equisl.org

[edit] Location

  • Bogota, Colombia

[edit] Date

  • Mar 13-16, 2006

[edit] Ambassadors

  • JoseTarazona

[edit] Status

  • My participation and Stand confirmed
  • Any chance for someone to give a videoconference?
  • I have start to burn the Fedora Core 4 CDs pack (I don't have the equipment to burn DVDs) to deliver those days, for money reason I only plan to burn 40 packs.
  • I will have a meeting there tomorrow to check for the facilities and the equipment for the stand and the conference.
  • I haven't receive any communication of anybody interested in giving a videoconference, so I had communicate that I will be just my conference and the stand participation.
  • AlexMaier: I was solving a problem with the event here; the organizers of the event has change the requirements for our conference, they want to deliver the material (DVS, CDS and T-Shirts) before program the conference officially in the schedule.
  • AlexMaier: I believe that's not good for Fedora, we are not the free providers of material in order to "pay" for a place to show our distibution.
  • AlexMaier: I won't accept that last minute change and I will decline that event in a few minutes. I will get in contact with JorgeTorres, new ambassador in medellin Colombia in order to organize another event more serious and less unpredictable.