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[[User:Thalia|Thalia Papoutsaki]] (th)
[[User:Thalia|Thalia Papoutsaki]] (th) (maybe)
[[File:SFD logo2010-mitSchatten.png]]
[[File:SFD logo2010-mitSchatten.png]]

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Software Freedom Day 2010

Just like last year we are attending Software Freedom Day in Athens!!

When and Where

  • 18 September 2010
  • National Technical University, Patision, Athens, GREECE


Starting at 11.00



  • Bring two Laptops with KDE and Gnome
  • Handout some media (self-burned)
  • Handout swags
    • Stickers
    • Flyers
    • Buttons
  • Balloons !!

Current action items - TODOs

  • Register our team in SFD's site (here) (done)
  • Burn some media
  • Get swag from Pierros


Thalia Papoutsaki (th) (maybe)

SFD logo2010-mitSchatten.png