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Arun Sag and Ankur Sinha will be heading the packaging sprint.

Note: Ankur has a broken system and will probably not make it. Any one interested in taking it up??


12-13 Dec 2010.

Please add your preferred times here

Packages on the list

School OS wiki has a list of over 40 applications. We can pick them up one by one and package them if they are not present in Fedora repo.

Application Name Brief Description Status Maintainer
Add package name/url here Add description here Add link to review request, additional notes here Add your name/userpage link here
laby laby is a small program to learn how to program with ants and spider webs. In progress : post to ocaml ML, incomplete spec AnkurSinha
OpenEuclide A program for drawing out 2D figures. COMPLETED Arun SAG
TuxWordSmith A multi-lingual scrabble program. In progress Aditya Patawari