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This describes the steps necessary to rename a project in Fedora Hosted.

Rename the Trac instance

cd /srv/web/trac/projects
mv oldname newname
cd newname/conf
sed -i -e 's/oldname/newname/' trac.ini
cd ..
sudo -u apache trac-admin .

Rename the git / svn / hg / ... directory

cd /git
mv oldname.git newname.git

Rename any old releases directories

cd /srv/web/releases/o/l/oldname
(somehow, the newname releases dir gets created; if there were old releases, move them to the new location).

Rename the group in FAS

Don't blindly rename
fedorahosted groups are usually safe to rename. If the old group could be present in other apps/configs, though, (like provenpackagers, perl-sig, etc) do not rename them. The other apps would need to have the group name updated there as well to make this safe.
ssh db2
sudo -u postgres psql fas2
select * from groups where name = '$OLDNAME';
update groups set name = '$NEWNAME' where name = '$OLDNAME';
-- Check that only one row was modified
select * from groups where name in ('$OLDNAME', '$NEWNAME');
-- Check that there's only one row and the name == $NEWNAME
-- If incorrect, do ROLLBACK; instead of commit
Don't delete groups
If, for some reason, you end up with a group in FAS that was a typo but it doesn't conflict with anything else, don't delete it without talking to other admins on fedora-infrastructure-list. The numeric group ids could be present on a filesystem somewhere and removing the group could eventually lead to the id being allocated to some other group which would give unintended people access to the files. As a group we can figure out what hosts and files need to be checked for this issue if a delete is needed.