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Fedora Introduction Meeting - ITALY

When and Where

16pm, 02 Apr 2011, CAPSDA Centre Specchia (LE), ITALY


- Introduction:

 - Gnu/Linux
 - Fedora Linux / FedoraProject
 - Why we can to get along without Windows

- Make use Fedora

 - Fedora Live version
 - Fedora Installation
 - How to use Fedora
 - Dualboot Fedora/Windows

- Conclusions
- Possible updating to a future meeting


Event organizer: Fedora IM
Fedora Introduction Meeting in Computer Legacy blog: Homepage
Google Maps: CAPSDA Centre
Fedora Media/Stickers/Keychains availables [1] [2] [3]


  • Fedora media
  • Posters
  • Music tools
  • Talks (?)


  • Antonio Trande ([4])

EMEA Ticket request


  • How many people were at the event?

Have partecipated 15 persons among which simple Windows users, Ubuntu users and curios people (hardware shopkeeper).

  • What kind of comments did you receive about Fedora? Were there any questions that were asked many times?

Many times: "Fedora is very different from Windows", "Where are software?", "Can i read my word/excel file(?) with Fedora ?", "Why Fedora is free ?"

  • Were there repeated suggestions for improvement in a particular area for Fedora?