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Fedora on Mactel

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This is a technology preview

Fedora 17 adds support for booting and installing via EFI on Mac hardware. Support is currently limited to machines with 64-bit firmware, which is most hardware produced after mid-2007. You can verify your system's firmware under OS X by running:

ioreg -l -p IODeviceTree | grep firmware-abi

If this returns "Firmware-abi" = < "EFI64"> then your system is supported.

To install Fedora, download a CD image and either write it to CD or a USB stick. Reboot the machine and hold down the left alt/option key. A list of available boot devices will appear. Click the icon with the Fedora logo.

Here is a detailed guide of the installation process [1] by Aneesh Dogra


Some machines with AMD Radeon graphics hardware will currently fail to boot.