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Windows cross compiler (mingw32-*)

The alpha release contains a preview of the Windows cross-compiler and some supporting libraries. You can install the cross-compiler and environment by yum-installing mingw32-gcc and/or mingw32-gcc-c++. This will give you the mingw32-configure command which you can use to replace ordinary ./configure, so that:


will build a Windows executable (*.EXE) or Windows DLL (*.DLL) of your program/library.

If your program requires any libraries, you can install the mingw32-library, and mingw32-configure will find it.

The following libraries are available in the alpha release:

  • bzip2, zlib for data compression
  • dlfcn (dlopen workalike for Windows)
  • freetype
  • gdbm
  • gettext, iconv, pdcurses, readline, termcap for text/terminal/i18n
  • libpng
  • pthreads (based on Sourceware pthreads-win32)
  • SDL for graphics
  • sqlite

Many more libraries will be available by the time of the full Fedora 11 release.