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Fedora 12 "Contantine" is available! When Fedora 10 and 11 were released, users and press alike gushed: "Slick and stable... has a rock solid feel." "Fast and easy." "A great release." What's next for the free operating system that shows off the best new technology of tomorrow? You can find out at:

For this release, we slightly changed the way Fedora is distributed to the public. Instead of releasing an Alpha, Beta, Preview Release and Final version, we will only provide Alpha, Beta and Final versions for Fedora 12. Alpha in Fedora now means essentially the same as industry-wide, in our case "feature-complete and testable". That means that Alpha is publicly testable, not by just an anointed few. Beta now means "code-complete and as bug-free as possible" and it should be as close to a final release as humanly possible.

To achieve that goal, we also hope to repeat the crazy success of Fedora 11's Beta contest! Test five things in the Alpha that are important to you as a user. If you find a bug *and* report it, you get the free attention of a package maintainer on a problem personally important to you! Do your part to make Fedora 11 that much better.

Among the top features of this ground-breaking release:

  • Blah - Blah.

But wait, there's more! For developers there are all sorts of goodies:

  • Blah - Blah.

Peek under the hood and there is still more:

  • Blah - Blah.

And that is only the beginning. A more complete list and details of each new cited feature is available:

For release information, including common and known bugs, please refer to the release notes: