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This is a draft only for discussion. This is not a final set of talking points, nor are all of the features listed here complete at the time of this draft. Please do a reality check before using these talking points as anything other than a discussion draft!

These are the Talking Points for the Fedora 21 release. For information on how these talking points were chosen, see Talking Points SOP. They are intended to help Ambassadors quickly present an overview of highlighted features when talking about the release, and to help drive content for the release, etc.

The talking points are based in part on the Change Set for this release.

Overall Release Story

Fedora 22 puts us back on track for six-month releases. The project is moving full steam ahead on the three editions (Cloud, Server, and Workstation), as well as continual improvements to the shared packages that make up the Fedora distribution.

Fedora-Wide Changes and Improvements

[Let's include shared changes and improvements here that are visible or have an impact on the day-to-day use of Fedora. A new kernel isn't that exiting to most users, but improvements - like "Acme Wi-Fi cards now work!" is.] For reference - ChangeSet

Fedora Cloud

  • Vagrant images. Vagrant is a very popular system for software developers which provides a consistent, repeatable work and deployment environment. While Fedora has long been usable with Vagrant, for the first time, we're shipping official Fedora base boxes as part of the F22 release.
  • Q: how to talk about Atomic for F22?

Fedora Server

Fedora Workstation


Fedora KDE Plasma Desktop

  • Plasma 5 - Plasma 5 is a new major version of KDE's workspaces. It has a new theme called Breeze, which has cleaner visuals and better readability, improves certain work-flows and provides overal more consistent and polished interface. Changes under the hood include switch to Qt 5 and KDE Frameworks 5 and migration to fully hardware-accelerated graphics stack based on OpenGL(ES). Screenshot running Fedora 22 Beta.