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The goal is to rebuild every single Fedora package, regardless of content, before the Fedora 40 Change Deadline.

Driving Features

Before the rebuild


Given the changes required for the above features and schedules, Release Engineering will be ready to start scripted rebuilds on Wednesday, Jan 17th. All automated rebuilds should be finished before the Feature freezes. Any clean-up manual rebuilds should be finished before the Beta Change Deadline.


Release Engineering has created two scripts. One is to initiate the builds, and the other is to query for items still needing to be built.

Build Initiation

The rebuild script works in the following way:

 Generate a list of all packages in f40
 Loop through each package:
   Query if a build has already been attempted/completed since koji changes went live.
   If so, move to the next package
   If not, check out git
   fedpkg commit -cp
   fedpkg (background) build
   Move on to the next package

Each step will have some error catching and logging so that people can clean up the various failures for whatever reasons. The builds will be background builds, which will allow other builds done to take higher priority when a builder has a free slot. However, maintainers should take care when doing this so that the background build won't take 'latest' precedent when it finishes. Asking rel-eng to kill the scripted build will typically be enough.

Build Tagging

Once the rebuild script has finished, another script will run to tag the builds into f40. This script will check that a newer build hasn't been done or started in f40 since the scripted rebuild was submitted. This will protect against the scripted rebuild overriding an even newer build done while the scripted rebuild was waiting in the background.

Status Query

Release Engineering has developed a script to query f40 and report on packages that have yet to be rebuilt. Results of these queries will be delivered to various places, yet to be determined, broken down by the maintainer for easier discovery of work needed.

Maintainer Actions

  • Maintainers can help this effort by ensuring rpmdev-bumpspec correctly bumps your package's spec files.
  • Maintainers should ensure that their packages are currently built from the source.
  • Maintainers should ensure that there are no unwanted changes committed to git but not built yet.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will my own build "count" for the rebuild?

Will the rebuilds be ordered?

Packages status


Questions/comments/concerns should be directed to fedora-devel ml, or