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Proposed Locations and Dates

  • Ames, Iowa - May 21-23, 2010
  • Feel free to add alternate suggestions here

Proposed Accomodations

Responsible Ambassadors

Attendees (pure speculation at this point)

# FAS Name &
Full Name
Hotel Friday's
Arrival Departure Est. Travel $$
excl Hotel
1 John Rose no yes
2 Larry Cafiero yes yes $284 taking the train/bus (SF-Osceola-Ames or SF-Omaha-Ames); could possibly meet driver in Omaha or even Chicago to help drive
3 MaxSpevack yes yes
4 Pascal Calarco yes yes $200 rental & gas probably driving from Indiana; willing to rideshare
5 Ivan Makfinsky yes probably Will probably use points for flight there. I second the sleeping where stabbing won't happen - see below.
6 Justin O'Brien possibly hopefully $301 nonstop coming from Indiana would need financial assistance, is willing to sleep anywhere that won't get him stabbed by hobos
7 David Nalley yes yes coming from SC
8 Clint Savage yes unlikely Friday Late Sunday Late $350 (flight, car) coming from SLC, would like $$ if possible
9 Robyn Bergeron yes yes ~$350 (flight) coming from AZ, would love to discuss what marketing can do for ambassadors as a topic


Add work items here that we should cover (we will formalize a schedule once we have a good foundation in place). Regardless of location and dates please contribute to the proposed work product of our next Fedora Ambassador Day by adding topics important to you below.

Task Owner(s)

Meeting Minutes

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We need some event buttons ...


Initial blue-sky estimate is to set aside $2k for this event from CommArch, and see how far that can get us in terms of travel sponsorships, etc.