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Fedora Buzz is the preliminary name for a proposed application to track talk about Fedora and several aspects of the Fedora project over several social networks and over time.

Uses and proposed features

Feel free to add to these proposed features and supported networks.

  • Ability to visualise current talk about Fedora over several social networks
  • Rating the current "buzz" about Fedora comparitively over time in a "score" figure so graphs can be created
  • Ability to gather data on talk about particular Fedora releases or features (which could perhaps be used to more concretely define what kind of users the Fedora userbase is comprised of so we can better target our users!)

The usefulness of this project lies in the request by the Fedora Marketing team for a system by which they can track the success of marketing techniques and schemes as well as the effectiveness of the team overall. For example, if the Marketing team attempts a new advertising campaign then this tool could be used to track whether or not it is increasing and thus whether the campaign is working. Perhaps goals could be set to reach a certain "score" for buzz about a certain release?

Supported social networks

  • Identica
  • Twitter
  • Google groups

Other networks

  • The wider "blogosphere"
  • Flickr
  • URL analysis
    • short-urls might refer to wikipages
    • or to screenshosts on flickr, frogr, etc


There have been a couple of ideas for implementation so far:

  • System created using the Python realtime framework Moksha, possibly integrated into the Fedora community site.
  • System based on existing KDE Buzz source code, adding processing as needed to meet the list of uses (Need to look into whether KDE Buzz code is freely available).
  • Bespoke PHP-based system.

In terms of connection with social networks, thankfully most provide a simple API which makes it easier to pull the data that we want.