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MyFedora (Fedora Community Components)

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MyFedora is the collection of Moksha web applications which make up the Fedora Community portal - an integrated view into the Fedora Infrastructure. The goal is to create a modular web page in which each module would pull views from the various Fedora resources and display them to the user. It is a first step in implementing the goals laid out in this paper .

MyFedora has been split up into Moksha and the Fedora Community platforms.

Moksha is the base generic platform which provides a web framework based off of TurboGears 2 and jQuery for creating web applications which can be stitched together to create a larger integrated application.

Fedora Community builds on top of Moksha to provide a fast and consistent user interface to Fedora Infrastructure applications. MyFedora is the repository for all of the Fedora specific apps that make up the bulk of Fedora Community.








API Refrences


  • TurboGears 2 - TurboGears 2 Python Web Framework
  • jQuery - cross browser JavaScript library
  • jQuery.UI - JavaScript user interface widgets which we base our widgets off of