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- Be bold!
- Don't let the tools scare you
- There's a team to back you up

Documentation Workflow

- Write first, format later
- Formatting in DocBook
- Pushing strings to translation
- Pulling strings from translation
- Building documents
- Publishing documents to the web
- Building packages from documents

Brief Introduction to DocBook

- Why DocBook?
- DocBook as an XML markup language
- Human-readable tags
- Text-based format for easy revision control
- Separation between content and style
- Output in a variety of formats
- Parts of a DocBook file
- Common DocBook tags
- Dividing a document into multiple files with XIncludes
- Entities: With great power comes great responsibility

Tasks, Procedures, and Processes

- Tasks, Procedures, and Processes defined
- Documenting Procedures
  - The Four Parts of a Procedure
  - Procedure-writing Guidelines
  - Example Procedure
  - Example Procedure Docbook source
- Documenting Processes

XML tools

- XML concepts
- xmllint
- xsltproc
-  xmltidy


- Publican Workflow
- Creating a Blank Document
- Validating XML Code
- Building a document
- Publishing a Document to the Web