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What it is?

The Fedora Events System is an event manager that'll integrate with Insight. It's a collection of drupal modules that'll help create an easy-to-use workflow to organize events.

What it can do?

  • It allows you to manage Sponsorships requests (by providing a link to the appropiate trac ticket)
  • It allows you to manage Attendance (Manage how are coming, food preferences and shirt sizes)
  • It allows you to manage Budget (Set a budget and see where it's all being used)
  • It allows you to manage Tasks (weekly, monthly, yearly goals, like talk to the press or get hotel confirmation)
  • It allows you to vote for Barcamp events (or talks)
  • It allows you to define schedule, the topic and the presentator. After the event is done, a link to the slides or the video can be added so others can easily find it.
  • It allows you to get 'impressions' (Tweets / Dents) of a certain hashtag.
  • It allows you to link to photo galleries of the events, so others can share the pictures

What a user can do?

A user can register for an event, request sponsorship, vote for the barcamp sessions, and after the event is done, add a link to his report or photographs.

What an event manager can do?

The event manager edits the sponsorship requests, assigns tasks, sets a limit on attendance(if any), edits the budget page, adds the list of barcamp sessions, approves report/photograph link, add hashtag for monitoring the tweets and can also give promote another user to event manager.

What an admin can do?

Same as event manager, but with the additional power of approving or deleting events.

What logins are allowed?

Facebook, Twitter and FAS are all allowed.