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Summary of foobar goes here

Our current next step is to pick a platform.

If you make a FooBar-related page, please add [[Category:Project FooBar]] to the bottom for now, so we can properly tag things. This category will be renamed after we pick a better name for FooBar.

Platform selection criteria

to be filled in by ianweller

Platform specs/requirements

to be filled in by ianweller

This is a brainstorm list - what would you want a FooBar platform to have and do? Please add to the list below.

Platform options

This is a brainstorm list; add your ideas and notes on various platforms below. Platforms are in alphabetical order.


  • imo, way more features than we actually need. Mel Chua 15:52, 8 July 2009 (UTC)
  • bad security record, the sort of PHP app that infrastructure doesn't need --Ian Weller 15:54, 8 July 2009 (UTC)

Wordpress (wp)

  • mizmo: i am hoping wp is chosen though because its a known quantity and [the Design team has] done themes for it before

Wordpress, multiuser (wp-mu)

  • ianweller: wp-mu i don't think is the right choice for foobar, it just complicates things and we don't need multiple blogs, unless of course we want to run the entire thing under the blogs.fp.o umbrella


  • stickster: there's a great deal of crossover between what Foobar proposes, and what the new CMS (Zikula) can/will accomplish. Foobar sets out a lot of Marketing-specific goals, and I think most or all of them can be achieved through an implementation via the CMS.
  • ke4qqq (Dave Nalley) summarizes Zikua: After a long period of input, eval, and testing by multiple groups (primarily Docs, but also Infrastructure and others), Zikula has been chosen as a CMS. It has a responsive upstream that's developing new modules for our needs and has even joined fp lists to help us collaborate on getting this up. It wil first be used for docs.fp.o, which currently has no CMS; FPC and F-Legal are also interested in using it - but we haven't mapped out that really well thus far - but it's after docs.fp.o makes the move. polecat (John Poelstra) has stepped up to coordinate teams for a production schedule and some meetings.

Name brainstorming

Because we can't call it FooBar forever.

  • furchtbar
  • fruitbar
  • crème brûlée

Upcoming things

  • design (mizmo): waiting on platform selection
  • getting a test version up: also waiting on platform selection