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=== General News ===
=== General News ===
A contributor who has an account can submit general news articles for publication with Fedora Insight at any time.  [fill in details here of which FAS group to apply to, etc.]
[[Fedora_Insight_General_News_Workflow| General News workflow]] is described in depth
They will click on a link [which needs to be added to the FI frontpage for authenticated users] to submit a piece of news, as appropriate:
=== Fedora Weekly News ==
1. [[| Events]]
[[Fedora_Insight_FWN_Workflow| Fedora Weekly News workflow]] is described in depth
2. [[| Fedora Weekly News beat]]
3. [[| General news]]
Let's look at a general news submission more closely.
A title for the news item is required, and they should select an appropriate category from the drop-down list.  For general news, don't use the FWN categories, but any of the others as appropriate may be used.
There is both a summary text area as well as the story text area.  Contributors can use the embedded javascript editor to edit the text as appropriate.
Pick a date for the item to be published on, and also when the item should no longer be available.

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Fedora Insight Workflow

Submitting Content

Publication Types

There are currently three publication types defined for Fedora Insight:

1. Events

2. Fedora Weekly News

3. General News

User Accounts

User accounts on Fedora Insight will belong to one of three user categories:

1. Users: general news contributors; probably can be anyone who has a signed Fedora Project CLA

2. Editors: a smaller group who will review, edit, decision and publish contributed news articles

3. Administrators: a small group who administers the configuration of Zikula for Fedora Insight, including theming, pagemaster configuration, workflow definition and publication type configuration

This page will document the workflow for each, from both contributor roles and editor roles.

General News

General News workflow is described in depth

= Fedora Weekly News

Fedora Weekly News workflow is described in depth