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Fedora Insight Workflow

There are currently three publication types defined for Fedora Insight:

  * Events
  * General News
  * Fedora Weekly News

This page will document the workflow for each, from both contributor roles and editor roles.

General News

A contributor who has an account can submit general news articles for publication with Fedora Insight at any time. [fill in details here of which FAS group to apply to, etc.]

Logging in, users first click on the "Administration" link in the upper right corner, and then will see this screen:


From this screen, they should click on the "Content" tab, which will show these modules:


From here, the contributor should click on "pagemaster", highlighted above. This will open the following content admin screen:


From here the contributor can click on the "New pub" link on the above page, which will open this page:


A title for the news item is required, and they should select an appropriate category from the drop-down list