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Fedora Insight Workflow

This page describes the workflow for publishing content on Fedora Insight. It is intended to answer the question "how does a written piece get published on Fedora Insight?" If you are a writer, an editor, or a potential writer or editor, you're in the right place.

Submitting Content

Publication Types

There are currently three publication types defined for Fedora Insight:

1. Events - content about occurrences in the Fedora world such as conferences, FUDCons, FADs, etc. that are either about to happen or have just happened. For instance, selected highlights from event reports by Ambassadors would go here.

2. Fedora Weekly News - the same content that is currently being rounded up and published weekly by FWN.

3. General News - items that do not fit in either of the above categories, such as feature profiles or contributor interviews.

User Accounts

User accounts on Fedora Insight will belong to one of three user categories:

1. Users: general news contributors; probably can be anyone who has a signed Fedora Project CLA. For most people reading this page, this is the type of account you will want.

2. Editors: a smaller group who will review, edit, decision and publish contributed news articles

3. Administrators: a small group who administers the configuration of Zikula for Fedora Insight, including theming, pagemaster configuration, workflow definition and publication type configuration

This page will document the workflow for each, from both contributor roles and editor roles.

This section is not finished.
We still have to document how to create and then use your accounts. If you's like to get started before these instructions are finished, that would actually be very helpful - it encourages us to finish them faster! Email the logistics list with a link to this page and an explanation of what you're trying to do.

General News

General News workflow is described in depth

Fedora Weekly News

Fedora Weekly News workflow is described in depth