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* RPM Packaging
* RPM Packaging
* Application Development
* Application Development
* <Insert your ideas here...>
== Things To Do ==
== Things To Do ==

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Not an official project
This information is subject to change.


The mission of the Fedora Lamrim is to give new contributors a server where they can learn the basics on Fedora Project contributions: RPM packaging, application development, among others. Think of this as a sandbox, where the new contributor can follow step-by-step tutorials to achieve contributions without breaking anything.



  • Latest Fedora server with a refresh script that executes at a specific hour. Also this server will have all the necessary tools for achieving all tasks.
  • Create a website where the step-by-step tutorials reside.


  • RPM Packaging
  • Application Development
  • <Insert your ideas here...>

Things To Do

  1. Make a prototype.
  2. Update wiki.
  3. Ask for infraestructure