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Version Date Notes
1 In Progress Initial Mockup Set

Screen Mockup Implementation Change suggestions
Package details > overview X
Package details > bugs X
Package details > contents X
Package details > changelog X
Package details > sources > spec (on hold)
Package details > sources > patches X
Package details > sources > git (on hold)
Package details > sources > upstream (+tarballs) X
Package details > sources > diffs (on hold)
Package details > relationships X Remove all subpackage dropdowns because subpackages have been split out now.
Sub-package details > overview X
Sub-package details > bugs X

Package details > overview

Packager-mockup packageprofile overview.png

Package details > bugs

Packager-mockup packageprofile bugs.png

Package details > contents

Packager-mockup packageprofile contents.png

Package details > changelog

Packager-mockup packageprofile changelog.png

Package details > sources > spec

on hold

Package details > sources > patches

Packager-mockup packageprofile patches.png

Packager-mockup packageprofile sources patches-all-summary.png

Packager-mockup packageprofile sources patches-changelog.png

Packager-mockup packageprofile sources patches-diffstat.png

Packager-mockup packageprofile sources patches-per-patch-changes.png

Packager-mockup packageprofile sources patches-raw-patch.png

Packager-mockup packageprofile sources patches-release-dropdown.png

Package details > sources > git

on hold

Package details > sources > tarballs + upstream

Packager-mockup packageprofile sources upstream.png

Package details > sources > diffs

on hold

Package details > relationships

Packager-mockup packageprofile relationships.png

Packager-mockup packageprofile relationships depends.png

Packager-mockup packageprofile relationships provides.png

Subpackage details > overview

Packager-mockup subpackageprofile overview.png

Subpackage details > bugs

Packager-mockup subpackageprofile bugs.png