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Hey please delete my fedora account !!
Visit to learn about or to download Fedora. The Fedora Project wiki is a place for end users and developers to collaborate. You can find more information or add some yourself. Write access to the wiki is limited to those who have [[Infrastructure/AccountSystem | Fedora accounts]]; however, it is not hard to get one! To join the wiki, [[Infrastructure/AccountSystem/NewAccount | follow these instructions]].
{{Admon/tip|Common bugs|The [[Common_F10_bugs| Fedora common bugs]]  page is useful for finding fixes to already known issues.}}
== The Fedora Project ==
Read an [[Overview| overview]]  to find out what makes Fedora unique.
[ Download Fedora]  from the main Fedora project site.
Find [ documentation]  on Fedora or [[Communicate|  interact]]  with the Fedora community. [[BugsAndFeatureRequests|Report bugs or request enhancements]].  For excellent summaries of what is happening in Fedora, look at our [[FWN| weekly news]]  reports.  To see how many Fedora users are out there, look at our [[Statistics|  Statistics]]  page.
The [[ Releases/{{FedoraVersion}}/ReleaseSummary | {{FedoraVersion|long}} Release Summary]]  covers our most recent release.
The [[Releases/Schedule | Release Schedule]]  gives a timeline of the next release.
The [[RoadMap|Road Map]]  documents the features planned for the next release.
== Fedora Sub-Projects For Contributors ==
{|width="100%" align="center"
|style="width: 33%; border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|PackageMaintainers|Fedora Packaging|Packages programs for distribution through yum|Echo-package-48px.png}}
|style="width: 34%; border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|FedoraLiveCD|Fedora Live CD|Produces Live CDs for easier testing and installation|Echo-gnome-dev-cdrom-48px.png}}
|style="width: 33%; border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|DocsProject|Fedora Documentation|Writes documentation for Fedora|Echo-helpbook-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Ambassadors|Fedora Ambassadors|Spreads Fedora around the globe|Echo-ambass-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Marketing|Fedora Marketing|Promotes the usage and support of Fedora worldwide|Echo-mktg-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|BugZappers|Fedora Bug Triage|Aids developers and users in fixing bugs|Echo-bug-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|QA|Fedora Quality Assurance|Prevents and fixes bugs for a better Fedora|Echo-testing-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline||Fedora Directory Server|Provides an enterprise-class LDAP server for Linux|Echo-dirserv-48px.png|extlink=true}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Infrastructure|Fedora Infrastructure|Provides servers, tools and utilities for the Fedora Project|Echo-infra-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline||Planet Fedora|Displays blogs of Fedora contributors|Echo-planet-48px.png|extlink=true}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Websites|Fedora Websites|Designs and builds Fedora Project websites|Echo-websites-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Artwork|Fedora Artwork|Designs themes, icons, and other Fedora designs|Echo-art-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|L10N|Fedora L10N|Brings everything around Fedora to local communities|Echo-l10n-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|I18N|Fedora I18N|Supports the localization of Fedora|Echo-i18n-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|Games|Fedora Games|Games and fun things available with Fedora|Echo-gaming-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px; background-color: #d8e0eb;"|{{projectline|Projects|View All Projects...||Echo-allproj-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px;"|{{projectline|FedoraEvents|Fedora Events|Events of the Fedora community|Echo-calendar-48px.png}}
|style="border-width: 0px; background-color: #d8e0eb;"|{{projectline|SIGs|View All Special Interest Groups (SIGs)...||Echo-SIGs-48px.png}}

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Hey please delete my fedora account !!