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請拜訪 以學習或下載 Fedora 作業系統。「Fedora 計畫維基」(Fedora Project wiki)是一個讓 Fedora 的使用者與開發者交流互動的場所,您可以在此尋找或撰寫所需的資訊。編輯此維基必須要擁有 Fedora 帳號(而帳號的申請相當容易),請按以下步驟加入此維基。

Fedora 已知常見臭蟲頁面對於尋求已知常見臭蟲的修正相當有幫助。

The Fedora Project

Read an overview to find out what makes Fedora unique.

Download Fedora from the main Fedora project site.

Find documentation on Fedora or interact with the Fedora community. Report bugs or request enhancements. For excellent summaries of what is happening in Fedora, look at our weekly news reports. To see how many Fedora users are out there, look at our Statistics page.

The Fedora 35 Release Summary covers our most recent release.

The Release Schedule gives a timeline of the next release.

The Road Map documents the features planned for the next release.

Fedora Sub-Projects For Contributors

Echo-package-48px.png Fedora Packaging
Packages programs for distribution through yum
Echo-gnome-dev-cdrom-48px.png Fedora Live CD
Produces Live CDs for easier testing and installation
Echo-helpbook-48px.png Fedora Documentation
Writes documentation for Fedora
Echo-ambass-48px.png Fedora Ambassadors
Spreads Fedora around the globe
Echo-mktg-48px.png Fedora Marketing
Promotes the usage and support of Fedora worldwide
Echo-bug-48px.png Fedora Bug Triage
Aids developers and users in fixing bugs
Echo-testing-48px.png Fedora Quality Assurance
Prevents and fixes bugs for a better Fedora
Echo-dirserv-48px.png Fedora Directory Server
Provides an enterprise-class LDAP server for Linux
Echo-infra-48px.png Fedora Infrastructure
Provides servers, tools and utilities for the Fedora Project
Echo-planet-48px.png Planet Fedora
Displays blogs of Fedora contributors
Echo-websites-48px.png Fedora Websites
Designs and builds Fedora Project websites
Echo-art-48px.png Fedora Artwork
Designs themes, icons, and other Fedora designs
Echo-l10n-48px.png Fedora L10N
Brings everything around Fedora to local communities
Echo-i18n-48px.png Fedora I18N
Supports the localization of Fedora
Echo-gaming-48px.png Fedora Games
Games and fun things available with Fedora
Echo-allproj-48px.png View All Projects...
Echo-calendar-48px.png Fedora Events
Events of the Fedora community
Echo-SIGs-48px.png View All Special Interest Groups (SIGs)...