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  • State of the SIG
  • Active projects
    • SDK
      • Helper and common functions
      • Trying to make it useful generally for red teamers
    • ELEM - Enterprise Linux Exploit Mapper
      • Demoed at Defense in Depth 2017
      • Exploit curation crowdsourcing (Trello board) now being populated by SDK, needs work
    • CTL
      • Alpha code posted
      • Buggy, but being tracked in issues
      • Initial results posted
      • Work to be done before beta
        • Reliability
        • Function scoring
        • Branch frequency counter
        • Average function length
        • Distribution
    • PTES
      • Needs to be pursued, using internally for planning
    • Reference Architectures
      • Internal copy exists, need to prep for release
      • Action for this month
    • Pen tests
      • Eclipse Foundation
      • Looking for other clients who would like a pen test so we can better update PTES
  • Team to-do
    • Order swag, looking for recommendations, probably hats (outstanding)
    • Need to get team calendar set up (done!)
    • Better document ELEM (outstanding)
    • Add more instructions to Trello for curation crowdsourcing (done!)