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Fedora Round Table - Budapest, Hungary

General Information


Please do add yourself when you plan on coming so that we can make the reservation accordingly.

If you don't have a Fedora account drop us a line at

  • Zoltan Hoppar - Fedora Ambassador, HU L10n team coordinator, Translator
  • Peter Borsa - Fedora Insight, Drupal developer, DDN(en: Debrecen Drupal Days) co-organizer
  • Jörg Simon - Fedora EMEA leader, Famsco
  • Laszlo Beres - community leader, ex-Sulix developer
  • Peter Bojtos - ULX, L10n Translator, Sulix developer
  • Mate Gelei - Fedora Ambassador
  • Istvan Kurucz - DDN(en: Debrecen Drupal Days) conference leader, Drupal developer
  • Gergely Rákosi - Fedora Ambassador
  • Gabor Szentivanyi - CEO of ULX, CEO of LIPS (Industrial Society)
  • Bertrand Juglas - Fedora FR member
  • Gergely Buday - Fedora Member, Developer
  • Tamás Nyarasdi - Fedora member, ASM developer