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Fedora Round Table - Budapest, Hungary

General Information

         By train: to Kelenföld station, and from there by tram No. 49 one station (or by foot 5 min following the tram line at right side)
                   from Keleti station: by red bus no.7 or 173 till Kelenföld, and as above.


Please do add yourself when you plan on coming so that we can make the reservation accordingly.

If you don't have a Fedora account drop us a line at

  • Zoltan Hoppar - Fedora Ambassador, HU L10n team coordinator, Translator
  • Peter Borsa - Fedora Insight, Drupal developer, DDN(en: Debrecen Drupal Days) co-organizer
  • Jörg Simon - Fedora Board
  • Peter Bojtos - ULX, L10n Translator, Sulix developer
  • Mate Gelei - Fedora Ambassador
  • Gergely Rákosi - Fedora Ambassador
  • Gergely Buday - Fedora Member, Developer
  • Tamás Nyarasdi - Fedora member, ASM developer
  • Zoltan Paldi - Fedora member
  • Janos Viragh - OSSMath spin developer, University of Szeged
  • Kalman Szalai - Contributor at Libreoffice, Mozilla Europe, Ubuntu Hungary
  • Csaba Ravadics - Fedora member

Event decisions, result

  • We will build up an new community site on the same place where is now - under processing
  • We'll gather and select more small events, for represent Fedora
  • Currently scheduled events are: Fedora Heartbeats: School Visit at BUD, Free Software Conference of Szeged. - under processing
  • Preparation of educational page that cumulates and introducing open source solutions (Sulix, OSSMath, OpenEdu,and different Fedora spins)
  • Preparation for educational discussion and meeting for teachers to represent open source tools like OpenSholar
  • Preparation to involve other communities, and inspire each other (it was an good example to invite Kalman Szalai, so he will help us)
  • Correcting translations, and gather some translators for documentation that stands currently on 1-2 percent readiness
  • Sadly, we couldn't talk about legal issues, maybe next time

Blogs, Reports

Event report: Not finished yet - under upload (my blog has been killed by my ISP, small delay)