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This is the event page for the next FAD (Fedora Activity Day) in Sri Lanka and the right opportunity for all the fedora contributors to get together and for the beginners this is a chance to get involved with the fast growing Free OS community; LK Community.

Date and Location

  • Date : TBD
  • Time : 01:30am - 04:30pm (Local Time, GMT + 5.30)
  • Location : Rajarata Campus web site
  • Hall : TBA



The tentative agenda for the event can be listed as follow.

01:00 - 01:30 pm - Doors Open and Registration
01:30 - 01:45 pm - Official Opening and welcome
01:45 - 02:30 pm - What is Fedora? (Introduction to Novice)
02:30 - 03:30 pm - How to contribute towards the Fedora project?
03:30 - 04:30 pm - Fedora Contributors Experience share
04:30 - 05:20 pm - Q & A session/ Panel Discussion
05:20 - 05:30 pm - Official Closure

Media Coverage



Task Responsible Description Progress Comments
Hall Booking Uditha Bandara Hall Booking and Hall preparation progress -
Agenda Owner Buddhika Kurera Arrange the agenda and track on speakers initiating -
Sponsorship Uditha Bandara and Buddhika Kurera Market this event with in the local enterprises and try to get sponsirships progress -
SWAGS Buddhika Kurera Produce and track SWAGS progress -
Location Arrangements Uditha Bandara Manage sponsors banners and materials are properly displayed and distributed in the event day. TBI -
Local Community Liaison Buddhika Kurera Manage communication between local contributors and the event organizers. progress -
Budget Handling Buddhika Kurera Manage the whole event budget Planning -


We are targeting nearly 200 participants.

    • The cost for the social event should be drafted as per the availability of the funds from the sponsors.

Sponsorship Details

Sponsorship packages are open to local enterprises.

    • Details will be published soon.