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= Fedora TV =
The canonical page for Fedora TV is:
== What is Fedora TV? ==
Fedora TV is a video sharing site for the Fedora community.  It is currently in an early beta form.
See it at
== Communication ==
To discuss Fedora TV, please join us on:
* The mailing list:
* The IRC channel: #fedora-tv at
== Things that suck ==
Here's the list of things that suck:
* No Ogg versions for download?
* seems really slow.
* we need more/better categories.
* we need the ability to use multiple categories.
* thumbnailing is inconsistent.
* we need a way to choose licensing explicitly.
* on first upload, make "draft" the only option, because the "publish" button makes funkiness.
* does not recognize ogm movies if they have an ogg extension
* is ogg audio uploading too confusing?
* do not allow users to publish until they have previewed

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The canonical page for Fedora TV is: