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Preparing the website for a release

Update gpg key

As the release approaches, watch the fedora-release package for a new key to be added. Use the update-gpg-keys script in the fedora-web git repository to add it to static/. Manually add it to /keys and /verify.

Branch master for stable release in fedora-web git repository

Perhaps this should be done right after release?
git branch f12 master && git push origin f12

Unfreeze website

Comment out the git checkout line in modules/fedora-web/files/ on puppet1.

Prepare puppet commits

Prior to release day, prepare puppet commits to move the fedora-web branch to the release (alpha, beta, final, whatever) and, edit redirects.conf (in modules/fedora-web/files on puppet1) to do the right thing with /get-prerelease requests.

Fire in the hole

On release day, wait for rel-eng to say go, then push the puppet changes (e.g.: cd ~/puppet && git push). Then, on puppet1 run:

# Ensure you have the puppet repo checked out to ~/puppet and up to date
cd ~/puppet && make HOSTS="bapp1 proxy1 proxy2 proxy3 proxy4 proxy5" push

On bapp1, run:

# Once /usr/local/bin/syncStatic on bapp1 is updated with your changes, run
sudo /usr/local/bin/syncStatic

Finally, on the proxies:

# To sync the changes out, you can use func from puppet1 if you have sudo on puppet1.
# Otherwise, SSH to the proxies and call the below command.
sudo /usr/bin/rsync -a --no-owner --no-group* /srv/web/

to push the updated website live.

Fedora 12 Notes

(Still needs to be wikified)

The times below are based on the timing of the website build and sync cronjobs.
It'd be a good idea to double check those in advance.

Unfreeze website (modules/fedora-web/files/, push after 9:05 AM EDT.

Run sudo /usr/local/bin/syncStatic on bapp1 after 9:45 AM EDT, make sure this
succeeds by checking /srv/web/


Push commit to redirect get-prerelease to get-fedora.  If you have sudo on puppet1, run:

$ sudo func proxy\* call command run "/usr/bin/rsync -a --no-owner --no-group* /srv/web/"

Otherwise, manually run this on each proxy server:

$ sudo /usr/bin/rsync -a --no-owner --no-group* /srv/web/

If necessary, clear proxy caches using

$ rm -rf /srv/cache/mod_cache/*

After the site is out, do link checking and push any last-minute fixes/changes
by committing to the git repo, running syncStatic, and syncing to the proxies
as above.

Update the static banner on  The procedure is the
same as with, except that the command to run on the
proxies is

$ sudo /usr/bin/rsync -a --no-owner --no-group* /srv/web/

Unfinished notes

* add release banner countdown
* add new release checksum files
* add gpg keys

Watch the webmaster@ moderator queue for reports of website issues.

update start.fp.o banner image