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  * Priyanka Sinha, TCS, Kolkata
  * Priyanka Sinha, TCS, Kolkata
  * Gunjan Gautam, ISM, Dhanbad               
  * Gunjan Gautam, ISM, Dhanbad               
  * Trishna Guha, Fedora, GSOC(PSF), Kolkata
== List of Talks (Incomplete) ==
== List of Talks (Incomplete) ==

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WWFS-FWD'2016 is an abbreviation of Workshop on Women in Free Software that is scheduled to be held on the 15th and 16th of July'2016. It is a Fedora event. Fedora Women's Day will be part of the workshop on the 15th.


Netaji Subhash Engineering College Garia, Kolkata (Near Garia Station)


15.07.2016 and 16.07.2016

10:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs on each day.

Organizations involved

* Fedora (Specifically Fedora Women and Fedora Diversity)
* Ubuntu Women
* Netaji Subhash Engineering College

Workshop Chairwoman

* A. Mani

Organizing Committee

* A. Mani
* Rebeka Mukherjee

Local Committee

* Shikha Kumari 
* Seemanti Ghosh 
* Apeksha Priya 
* Swati Sneha 


  • To improve participation of women in Free and Libre Open Source Software (FLOSS),
  • To improve diversity within FLOSS communities,
  • To deliberate on issues facing women and other minorities who have the potential to participate in FLOSS,
  • To improve diversity within related academic and industrial sectors and
  • To introduce cutting edge free software.

Topics (Broadly)

1. Free(dom) software Development :
a. how to contribute
b. careers
c. diversity
2. Tutorials/Surveys/Technical hands-on sessions 
3. Issues faced by women in computing at work
4. How to make your organisation more inclusive
5. Improving participation of women in FOSS
6. How can GSM people use FOSS to empower themselves?

Eligibility for workshop participation

Only Women with interest in free software /computers and applied human rights. Queer women are encouraged to apply. Maximum of 30 from college and rest from outside. Total number of participants will be restricted to 50.

What will Participants Gain from this Workshop?

Ideally they would be

  • able to navigate their future workspaces in a seamless way,
  • able to create inclusive workspaces,
  • able to set discriminatory workspaces in order,
  • able to use new free software, understand FLOSS development environments and opportunities, and
  • specifically be able to contribute to Fedora and Ubuntu development without any apprehensions.

Speakers (Confirmed)

* A. Mani, C.U., Kolkata
* Priyanka Nag, R.H., Bangalore
* Rebeka Mukherjee, NSEC, Kolkata
* Swapna Agarwal, I.S.I, Kolkata
* Trupti Kini, FOSSEE, IIT Mumbai
* Priyanka Sinha, TCS, Kolkata
* Gunjan Gautam, ISM, Dhanbad               
* Trishna Guha, Fedora, GSOC(PSF), Kolkata

List of Talks (Incomplete)

* Free Software, Women and Functional Feminism
* GNU/Linux - a Functional View
* LaTeX for Publishing
* Imposter Syndrome and other problems facing Women in FLOSS 
* How to Contribute to FLOSS?
* Python Scripting for System Administration
* GNU/Octave for Scientific Computing
* Drupal - a State-of-the-Art Content Management System 
* Introduction to GNU Image Manipulation (GIMP) and related Scripting

Event Budget

Event is substantially sponsored by Ubuntu Women Project

Number of Participants

50 (this is based on lab capacity)


Conference Harassment Policy

Standard AdaCamp policies shall be followed.

Event Posters