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Fedora Women Day, Brno, 2017


Fedora Women Day (FWD) is a day of celebration to help raise awareness and thanks for the women contributors across the Fedora Project.

During this event, we'd like to help bring women contributors across Fedora together with one another. This is a great time to network with other women in Fedora, listen to stories from others in the project, and recognize each other's achievements.


Sunday, 3rd October 2017, at 17:00.


Red Hat Czech (Purkyňova 111, 621 00 Brno)

Event Owner


Title Duration Speaker
Keynote 5 minutes Radka (rhea) Janeková
Fedora project and how to get involved 15 minutes TBD
C# in Fedora 20 minutes Radka (rhea) Janeková
Snack & discussion 20-30 minutes
Python in Fedora 20 minutes TBD
[Czechitas] and how to get involved 10-20 minutes TBD
Red Hat talk TBD 10-20 minutes TBD
Snack & discussion. 20-30 minutes


Will be published after the event.