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Fedora Women's Day, Brno, 2017


The Fedora Women’s Day aims to inspire, educate and connect women and people from underrepresented communities interested in open source software, including Fedora Project. Join us for presentations; information and discussions about contributing to open source and Fedora, career opportunities in open source and how to pursue them; and networking opportunities including connecting with female contributors in open source communities.


Sunday, 3rd October 2017, at 17:00.


Red Hat Czech (Purkyňova 111, 621 00 Brno)


Don't forget to register here!

Event Owner


Title Duration Speaker
Keynote 5 minutes Radka (rhea) Janeková
Fedora project and how to get involved 15 minutes TBD
C# in Fedora 20 minutes Radka (rhea) Janeková
Snack & discussion 20-30 minutes
Python in Fedora 20 minutes TBD
Czechitas and how to get involved 10-20 minutes TBD
Red Hat talk TBD 10-20 minutes TBD
Snack & discussion. 20-30 minutes


Will be published after the event.