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Fedora Events: Fedora meetup Pune, January 2015


This is the first edition of our regular Fedora meetup in Pune. We will learn/discuss about various new technologies being used in the project. We will also work on various parts of projects during the meetups.

Location & Schedule (updated)

Date: 2016-01-15 14:30 onwards

K 104, Jasminium, Magarpatta City Pune.

Note: Please carry a valid ID proof to enter the building. If security guys ask, tell them you are coming to meet Sayan Chowdhury or Kushal Das. Emergency contact number: +91 8605430990

Fedora Project Attendees & Booth Personal

Please add your name to the end of the list.

# Name
1 Kushal Das
2 Praveen Kumar
3 Sayan Chowdhury
4 Dhriti Shikhar
5 Sagar Ippalpalli
6 Abhay Kadam
7 Priyanka Nag
8 Ganesh Kadam
9 Siddhesh
10 Ankush Behl
11 Sudhir Verma
12 Snehal Karale
13 Suprith Gangawar
14 Dhanesh Sabane
15 Girish Joshi
16 Shubham Kalamkar
17 Suraj Deshmukh
18 Sayak Sarkar


  • Bugyou, filing bugs on broken cloud builds.
  • Writing new tests for automated atomic/cloud images (Python3)

Pictures and Reports