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Fedoraproject - The Band

Or Feds on Frets

Here is a place for all kinds of musicians to come together.


Please ad your info here

who (FAS, Name) Instrument Singer Songwriter area of interrest comment
Henrik Heigl e-guitar (Studio experience, Live experience) - - would play lead or rythem guitar hopefully we can produce some titles for podcasts, radio, etc.


Please ad here if you know any kind of tool wich can help to excercise together over the Internet.

Repertoire / Titles

Please have in mind that there are a various amount of people with different taste of music all over the world...

  • Blues ?
  • Rock ?
  • Pop ?
  • electro ?

Maybe we can produce some kind of Fedora theme song each Release or also for Podcasts and vidcasts produce some background music, etc.

--wonderer 03:53, 21 March 2010 (UTC)