Festival Software Livre da Bahia 2006

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[edit] Fedora Events: III Festival Software Livre da Bahia

  • 3th Festival Software Livre da Bahia (Bahia Free Software Fair)
  • Great conference for IT Infrastructure and Developers in Brazil.
  • Developers communities in this meetings and many lectures.

[edit] Location

  • Lauro de Freitas, BA, Brazil

[edit] Date

  • Aug 24-26, 2006

[edit] Ambassadors

  • HugoCisneiros
  • OthonBatista

[edit] News

  • RodrigoMenezes: confirmed booth and lectures for Fedora. HugoCisneiros will present the lecture

[edit] Status

  • HugoCisneiros will present a lecture about new features in Fedora Core 5.
  • Stand for Fedora Users Group
  • presentation and community event proposals have been approved!
  • working on presentation
  • Will use same budget for FISL
  • All financial support and of material for this event will be very welcome.

[edit] Report