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Montreal Quebec (North of New York State and North of Vermont) is an excellent venue for a Fedora BOF. Here are some technical reasons why the location is good.

a) Multi-cultural city. You will be at home with English, French, Spanish and six more languages. b) While most people speak French on the street, they speak that or English at home.

The city has centers of excellence for a) Aerospace industries (MDA, Bombardier, CAE Electronics, BAE systems) b) The city is the center for Game developers (Ubisoft, and others) c) The city is a center for other Linux development (begins with U) d) The city is a hub for cell phone, networking and smart phone development (example Ericsson Canada)

On the educational side. Several Pre-University colleges (CGEPS) which specialize in preparing students for computer science degrees. (University is 3 years, after CGEP) (Dawson, College Rosemont, Vanier, plus others). Universities specializing in CS: McGill, Ecole Polytechnique,ETS, Concordia, UQUAM, Sherbrooke)

We have a square mile CS Technology Square (major companies are in this city core) Here you will find software engineering at its best.

e) Location: Two hours from Quebec City, Two hours from Ottawa, Two hours from Burlington Vt, 1.5 hours from Plattsburg NY, 2.5 hrs from Cornwall Canada. f) It is my home town. g) Great restaurents, reasonable priced meals (all the USA type fastfood places and our great international eateries -- if food is your second interest. h) Low cost accommodations. Hotels, dormitories, etc. will not break the bank. i) No guns allowed. A very safe city in a very welcoming country.

Three types of venues are envisiged, Hello Fedora -- for non-linux users... Linux Developers get-together, for we Fedora aficionados, Developers BOF technical get-togethers.

Best time for this kind of get-together is fall and spring. Winter finds many attendees prefer the ski hills.