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== Mailing List ==
== Mailing List ==
We currently don't have one.  Our first meeting will discuss whether or not we need a new one, or if something like the [ Fedora Logistics] list is the proper venue.
Currently we are using the [ ambassadors] and [ fudcon-planning] lists.
== Meetings ==
== Activity log ==
=== When and where? ===
* 2011-02-28 -- SIG created.
* 2011-03-04 -- [ Initial meeting].
Our first meeting will be on [ Friday March 4, at 1600 UTC], in #fedora-meeting. We'll make further plans at that time.
* 2011-03-18 -- [ Status update] posted by [[MaxSpevack|Max]].
=== Agenda ===
* Where did this idea come from?
* Why are we here?  Why do we need more budget-related planning and collaboration?
* What groups do we hope to serve?
* What are the recurring actions of this SIG?
* How can we be as lightweight as possible, and not invent new processes or bureaucracy?
* How do we ensure success of folks who are already spending a lot of Fedora's money?  FAmSCo, FUDCon organizers, etc.
* What does this group want to do that is new and different?
* What sorts of skillsets will this group need to function well, and where will we get/learn them?
[[Category:Community Architecture]]
[[Category:Community Architecture]]

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The Fedora Finance SIG works across the Fedora Project to ensure that all contributors and groups have the financial resources that they need. We coordinate processes, budgeting, and strive to push financial authority and accountability as far to the edges as possible, while ensuring accurate and transparent accounting.

This SIG acts as a sort of clearing house, in an attempt to bring more collaboration and communication across the groups that are already spending Fedora's money, and the groups that perhaps need more financial resources at their disposal.

There is currently no formal membership for this SIG, nor will there be any elections as a result of this SIG. However, for the SIG to achieve its purpose, it shall require broad-based participation. If you care about the processes by which Fedora's money is budgeted and distributed, or if you are already someone who helps to spend Fedora's money, then you are both welcome and needed.

Mailing List

Currently we are using the ambassadors and fudcon-planning lists.

Activity log