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Firefox at Fedora

This page is dedicated to Mozilla products at Fedora and the Fedora Firefox team. We create and build Mozilla packages and ship them at Fedora:

Package builds

Firefox Fedora builds

Thunderbird Fedora builds

Seamonkey Fedora builds

Package updates

Firefox Fedora updates

Thunderbird Fedora updates

Seamonkey Fedora updates

Contributing to Firefox

Contribution to Firefox is welcomed. If you need to tweak Firefox in Fedora, commit to master (rawhide) branch only and it's good to ping Martin Stransky <> before any changes there. As Firefox build takes ~ 8 - 10 hours in Koji there isn't usually need unnoticed changes/builds.

The Fedora Firefox Team

If you have any problems, questions or concerns, feel free to file a bug in Red Hat Bugzilla or send an e-mail to

Martin Stransky <> or

Jan Horak <>.

Also Dmitry Butskoy manages Seamonkey builds.

Martin Stransky also blogs about Firefox development on Fedora from time to time.


If your Red panda gets sick, here's a first aid kit.

More serious crashes need to be handled by debugger .

If you find a broken website, create a minimal testcase and attach it to bugzilla.