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  1. Search Bugzilla for bugs that need to be fixed.
  2. Once you have found a bug you want to work on, assign the ticket to yourself and update the status to ASSIGNED.
  3. Pull the source of the guide. All guides are in git on To pull the code simply git clone git+ssh://<fasid><guide>.git.
  4. Copy the file you want to edit as <filename> and then edit the <filename>.xml file.
  5. Once changes have been made, go up one directory level and execute gendiff > <bugid>.patch.
  6. Submit the patch to the bugzilla ticket and state that the ticket is ready for QA. Change the status to MODIFIED.

The bug will now be in the hands of the QA people who will check the text for spelling and grammar problems, DocBook tags, and check procedures. Once complete the guide owner, or you, can publish the change and close the bug.