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'''Dates:''' August 9, 2013 - August 12, 2013<BR>
'''Dates:''' August 9, 2013 - August 12, 2013<BR>
'''Location:''' Charleston, SC, USA<BR>
'''Location:''' Charleston, SC, USA<BR>
'''Main Website:''' http://flocktofedora.com<BR>
'''Main Website:''' [http://flocktofedora.com flocktofedora.com]<BR>
'''Schedule site:''' http://flock2013.sched.org/<BR>
'''Schedule Site:''' [http://flock2013.sched.org/ flock2013.sched.org]<BR>
= Overview =
= Overview =

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Flock - Fedora Contributor Conference

Dates: August 9, 2013 - August 12, 2013
Location: Charleston, SC, USA
Main Website: flocktofedora.com
Schedule Site: flock2013.sched.org


For 8 years, Fedora users and developers have gathered at an event named for them, the Fedora Users and Developers conference (FUDCon). Flock is a brand new conference for Fedora contributors to come together, discuss new ideas, work to make those ideas a reality, and continue to promote the core values of the Fedora Community: Freedom, Friends, Features, and First.

It replaces FUDCon in the North America (NA) and Europe/Middle East (EMEA) regions (but not in LATAM or APAC). Please visit the sites above for information.

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