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mizmogood morning everyone
mizmoi'm in charge... the fedora address
mizmoi guess we'll get started
mizmowe're on a timeline... hand gestures to one minute market
mizmo'youre done congrats'
mizmo'you have 30 min, go'
mizmopeople next to the laptop need to be quieter
mizmoi can't hear her over you
* nirik goes to tell people.
mizmothis one time at band camp... here and there... i was drum major, directing people, and this oby that i liked played the tuba
mizmoor sousaphone
mizmosmart, witty... he was recently single from a girl that consumed almost all his entire hs life
mizmothey broke up, which was awesome, and we started dating
mizmohang out with friends, that kind of thing.. for an entire summer...
mizmoyou know, the free time you have to screw around and enjoy life
mizmoschool started back up in the fall
mizmothings seemed to be fine
mizmothen he wanted to 'talk' to me
mizmohe was pretty blunt, he said that this evil girl wanted to try things again after she had dumped him
mizmoand he thought, since we spent all of high school dating and had invested so much time, he had said yeh
mizmoso i was dumped
mizmothat was my first real breakup
mizmoi remember thinking, while he's teling me this - how could you, mr smart, be so unobjective to think thi sis a tiny messup
mizmoyou're going to college in different states
mizmothey were so different - he was pres of young dems, she was pres of young republicans
mizmoso i was really bitter
mizmothinking he was being very naive
mizmostupid  basically
mizmonot really... here i am being bitter but
mizmoyou leave a job, it's not just because someone made you a job offer, what's pushing you out the door
mizmoi think it sort of applies to relationships as well
mizmowhat did i do wrong? what's wrong with me
mizmoi asked and asked, it's not about you, there's nothing, it's not about our relationship
mizmoin that incident, standing on my doorstep crying, i realized how quickly words can really hurt when they come from someone you really care about
mizmofedora is unstable
mizmofedora is too fast
mizmofedora is not for production
mizmoyou would have to be crazy to use it
mizmothese are things we've heard over and over again, for years
mizmoit sort of hits you, people tell you this
mizmobut this is the thing i work on, and i really love
mizmoit hurts all of us, because we're all here and we love fedora
mizmowhy are you guys here
mizmowhy are each of you individually here
mizmothe answer isnt really, my boss let me go, my talk got accepted, i had some time to do it
mizmothat's how you got here, but not why are you here
mizmohonest-to-god being passionate
mizmomade you want to come and spent your fri-sat-sun-mon + days of travel here
mizmoin charleston, rather than doing anything else
mizmowhy are you here? love
mizmofor me, i love fedora. i hope you guys hopefully love fedora
mizmoeven the most cynical and trollish of you
mizmoi read a lot, businessy type books, this is the stuff i read in the last 6 mo or so
mizmothat's not all of them either
mizmoit gives me something to think about when im not thinking about fedora even tho i end up thinking about fedora when i read these things
mizmofirst one - the story of ....?
mizmogoes something like this - building love for you brand and your products
mizmonot for what you do and what you deliever
mizmobut why you do it
mizmothe reason we are all here
mizmosome of the most dearly loved brands, like whole foods, another company that may have a 'fruit' as their logo which we won't talk about here in an open source place
mizmothey are not building stuff for the sake of just making money
mizmothey said they are going to make stuff that makes things great and betters the world while they do it
mizmoone of the goals as you build a company or organization
mizmobuild a love for the org that will continue to last thru change
mizmoeven the best companies, brands... will occasionally wonder, they will screw sometihng up but ppl's loove for the brand will keep them around
mizmoso they can bounce back
mizmowill keep ppl around even during trubled times
mizmoand ... is changing, the technology road
mizmothe place where we're trying to make things happen
mizmo10 years ago, 14 years ago... i was a sys admin
mizmomost of that i have washed from my brain on purpose
mizmobut what we did there, 4 of us, we had 100 serves, a mix of different OSes
mizmosome scary old
mizmobackups on tape casettes
mizmowell crap
mizmothere goes the stream
* mizmo sobs
mizmospot, nirik
mizmo^^ HALP!!!
* nirik looks for spot
mizmono sound and just a blue screen
spotdamn it
spotthat camera has shit for battery
shaitonplug you'r geekphone and start again :p
nirikspot is looking for a replacement camera.
mizmoanybody with a cell phone??
mizmoput it near robyn all we need is audio hehe
nirikcan try a hangout from my phone
mizmonirik, that would be awesome!!
shaitonnirik: enable speach-to-text, mizmo would be able to sleep then
nirikmizmo: do you have g+ up? I can video call...
mizmonirik, i do
mizmowell one sec
nirikclaims calling
mizmoi can see her but no audio
mizmoits totally silent :-/
mizmonow it works!
mizmoi hear something anyway
mizmoi hear robyns echos and coughing
mizmoit turned off again
mizmoi wonder if the audio is too far away and the phone is turning the mic off
mizmoand when you moved it it turned the mic back on bc the rustling was louder
nirikyeah, could be
nirikcan move it up to podium?
mizmoif you can lol
mizmoyeh the audio came back on now
spotvideo should be back
mizmohahaha hi robyn
nirikoh, duh.
mizmoI don't know if any of those are necessarily one solution to our entire problem here
mizmofunny thing about love
mizmois that you want to tell eveyrone about how you're in love when youre in love
mizmoit's infectious... early stages of amor you can't really shut up about it
mizmoyou want to tell everyone you're in love, you met this guy girl or puppy
mizmoi love this person, this thing, this television show
mizmoyou feel psasionate about this person or thing
mizmoyou want everyone to feel the same thing you feel
mizmobecause it feels great to you
mizmowe want more ppl who love fedora
mizmowho will tell other people why they love fedora
mizmopeople like us
mizmobecause we're a resilient community
mizmowe can do these things
mizmowe can think about how we can change to give ppl what they want
mizmowithout changing our core values
mizmoi think we can do this
mizmobuild new great things
mizmowithout losing our sense of identity
mizmoi believe we can build great things thru meritocracy
mizmonot goals i wrote up on a board that no one wants to work on
mizmoyou come work on fedora - not bc i wrote something on a board
mizmoits because you want to scratch your own itch
mizmowe can aim for a better fedora
mizmobut still work on the things we want to do
mizmojust connecting ppl with interesting stuff to do
mizmoi cant give ppl orders
mizmofesco cant give ppl orders, the board can't
mizmoit's all about you guys
mizmoi believe we can build something that is production quality
mizmothat is a product
mizmothat ppl can rely on
mizmothat woudl be proud to rely on
mizmothat we can believe, yes you can run fedora in production
mizmoi already do that to ppl
mizmoi see ppl all the time saying you'd be insane to do that
mizmobut i believe we can do this bc we hav ea resilient nature in our community
mizmofor those of us that are here
mizmothose of us that afar
mizmowe share on ething
mizmowe have this love for fedora
mizmolast love story
mizmothe boy i told you
mizmowho broke my heart
mizmocame back
mizmoit didn't work out with the other girl
mizmohe remembered about all the fun times we had together
mizmowe went to prom
mizmothis is me, that's him in the background
mizmothat's my college roommate
mizmowe had a lot of fun that summer
mizmothe summer before he went to college
mizmoi knew it wasnt going to last
mizmoi still had fun
mizmoand fun is... one of those other f's
mizmothe mythical other f
mizmofreedom friends features first
mizmowe have other f words we joke about
mizmofail faster
mizmoall of these things give us these things about the fedora community
mizmoa feeling of it being our home
mizmoand it really helps us to stay in love with fedora
mizmowhen other things are a mess
mizmowe've all pretty much quite literally come here to south carolina
mizmoand we should live up to our resiilient nature
mizmolet's plan, argue, drink, get things done
mizmowrite the next chapter of our own love story
mizmonothing more personally gratifiying than watching other ppl fall in love with the things we do in the fedora project
spotthats a wrap
spotthe feed is going to stop until the next session
spotHow can i be a part of FLOCK volunteer.Please help me

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