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We have four proposals for the 2015 Flock location. The table below is only a quick reference guide for the highlights. Please click through to the bid proposal pages for complete information.

You may [vote on your preferred location and add comments below until Ocotber 4, 2014.


Cape Cod, MA Rochester, NY Colorado Springs, CO Salt Lake City, UT
Proposed dates Aug 28-31 or Sept 4-7 (Labor Day) Aug 12-15 - July 30-Aug 3, Aug 13-17, or Aug 20-24
Venue The Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis Either in hotel or at RIT University of Colorado at Colorado Springs Salt Lake City Main Library
Venue estimated cost $3160-$8280 (depending on whether we provide our own AV) Free at RIT; hotel costs would vary $9,340 (can negotiate lower) likely free
Distance from hotel to venue 0 (same place) 0 if in hotel; transporation required if at RIT 5 minute walk .75-1 mile
Hotel The Resort and Conference Center at Hyannis Several options On-campus housing Plaza Hotel, Hilton Garden Inn, and Red Lion
Hotel costs $139-$159 $119-$134 $40/pp including a meal $87-125
Travel to/from airport Free shuttle from HYA / 2.5 bus or train from BOS ~$50 RT 10 minute cab or shuttle Requires a shuttle; $50 RT from DEN, recommending bus/van rental for COS Free shuttle to Plaza hotel; $2.50 light rail or $20 cab
Evening event proposals Beach clambake, bowling and pizza, Cape Code Duckmobile, Professor Wackenhammer's Clockwork Arcade & Carousel, ice skating Strong Museum, Eastman House, MAGIC Center Minor league baseball game, bowling/game center, catered in lodging, Cripple Creek, Flying W Ranch SLC Library Rooftop Terrace, Park City Mountain Resort, The Leonardo, Clark Planetarium


Please thread your comments under each venue location by using bullets, for example:

  • Hotel
    • I really love hotels! This one has a cheese bar!
    • But the hotel in the other city has a chocolate bar!

You can also simply comment:

  • This bid is the most promising to me because...

Cape Cod


Colorado Springs

Salt Lake City