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This is a draft proposal for holding Flock 2014 in Colorado Springs, CO.

Colorado Springs

Brief description of the city


We need the names of at least two local people who will participate on the Flock committee and actively help organize the event. Please note this will require a significant time commitment over the next year and should not be undertaken lightly.


  • Major local airport(s)
  • Distance from airport(s) to proposed lodging
  • Transportation options and costs for getting attendees from the airport to the the lodging (e.g., shuttle, public transportation, taxi)
  • Estimated costs of flights from BOS, RDU, BOM, CDG, and PRG
  • Notes about local transportation, including mass transit and taxi availability


  • Proposed venue, including:
    • Cost of venue
    • Room availability for keynotes and capacity (assume 250 attendees)
    • Room availability for sessions--number of rooms available, capacity of each, and configuration (classroom style, conference style, etc.) -- we need 6-8 of these, each with a capacity of at least 40
    • Internet availability
  • Proposed lodging
    • Cost of lodging--please provide written agreement from lodging specifying rates
    • Number of single and double rooms available
    • Note Internet availability and cost in lodging
    • Distance from venue and transportation required between them

Evening Events

Proposed evening event locations (at least 2, preferably 3)

Pros and Cons

Pros and cons of the proposed location.