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|[ Understanding DNSSEC: F22 feature ]
|[ Understanding DNSSEC: F22 feature ]
|[ slides]
| colspan="2" |        Thursday, August 13         
| colspan="2" |        Thursday, August 13         

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Talk Materials
Wednesday, August 12
The state of Fedora
Ten ideas that are killing open source
How to make your app look awesome in software center
Running Fedora on an ectothermic, amniotic vertibrate
Conquering the world with Kerberos
Koschei - continuous integration for Fedora packages
Fedora Release Engineering going forward
Two factor authentication with GPG
FAmSCo->FOSCo: the king is dead. Long live the king!
Fedora Server: past, present and future Slides
When is the year of the Linux desktop?
What's coming in Koji 2.0
Using time travel to correct build mistakes
Docker security
Patch management in Fedora: current state and how to improve it ?
Ambassador mentoring upgrade
Running your containers in a sane environment, Project Atomic
Remote Desktop & Fedora Slides
Fedora Infrastructure overview
Let's invent a new packaging technology!
Sysadmin in the age of Docker and Node.js
Security threats at conferences
Improving our visibility in schools
HyperKitty, our new mailing-lists interface
Reproducible builds in Koji
NVIDIA driver source code release party
Spin your Fedora exhibit
Replacing yum with dnf: migration plans slides
Sharing secrets in a distributed environment slides
Afternoon Snack Break sponsored by Rackspace
Organized chaos (or, how you became a technical writer)
State of well known 3rd party repository
What does Red Hat want?
Bundle all the things!
Super Privileged Containers
Understanding DNSSEC: F22 feature slides
Thursday, August 13
Be an inspiration, not an impostor slides book
Tunir, a simple CI
An illustrated contributors primer to open source etiquette
Enabling new contributors with Fedora Hubs
Build your own (Ansible) lightsaber‼ slides
Interpretive dance of the alligator
Project Ipsilon: Federation made simple (or possible) slides
Fedora Council update
The Atomic architecture slides
Fedora Websites - what's next? slides
3d printing in Fedora
Proper sacrifice techniques for ensuring five nines of uptime
How to get your kernel bugs fixed
Cryptography for beginners
Fedora Cloud
desktopd: The systemd desktop environment
Fedora ARM and POWER state of the union
Fedora kernel
Open-source asset management with Fedora
Remote 忍術 (Ninjutsu) slides
Standardising ARMv7 booting
All you could ever want to know about clouds
Atomic and container deployment best practices
Rise of the Fedora desktop : games on Fedora
Next-generation Fedora release tooling slides
Fedora Magazine
Mastering the art of open source testing
Fedora SWAG
Sandboxed desktop applications slides
Goat racing
Icaro: educational robotics in LATAM
Refinance your technical debt with microservices slides
Building working software: An introduction to formal verification
testCloud: running your cloud locally
Meet your FESCo
Using Fedora as a base for the IoT revolution
Marketing is not a spectator sport
Customizing anaconda for fun and profit slides
Forty-five minutes of the Harlem Shake
Lightning talks
Friday, August 14
Jon Schull - eNable
Cloud Working Group workshop
Wallpaper hunt
Fedora and CentOS rel-eng team meeting
Infrastructure meeting
OpenStack workshop
Solve problems & make Fedora rock with design thinking
The art of sub-packaging
Taskotron in Fedora Infrastructure
FAmNA Brainstorming
Fedora Badges workshop slides
Let's go meta: how to build the next Flock software system
Rolekit hackfest
Design clinic
Keep them doggies movin' - rawhide
GPG best practices & key signing/CAcert assurance event
Docs team tooling
Saturday, August 15
Fedora Objective: Modularization & Fedora Rings, Phase 2
Inkscape and Gimp bootcamp
Building SPCs
Package cleanup workshop
DevAssistant: Create your Assistants to make Fedora more attractive for developers
Fedora wiki workshop
Automate testing with OpenQA
Amateur radio exam session