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Fixing the Flock Software System

We aren't talking about Flock itself, but the software / website for it. We're not talking about FUDcon sites but things that help it too are good. Focus is on Flock website.


  • Registration
  • Submission
  • Voting?
  • Schedule (rooms, times, talks)
  • Information (pre-, during, post)
  • Remotee attendance

NOTE: It would be helpful if whatever solution(s) we come up with enabled both FUDCon + Flock events


  • Registration
    • Need to require email address
    • Would be nice to collect flight/visa info instead of doing it through google doc--privacy concerns (good for fudcons in general too)
      • and track reimbursements
      • so, we need a way to customize user info that only the user + admins can see
    • reg disconnected from voting system
    • Some attendees do not want the fact that they are away from home to be publicly listed on the 'net
    • Need region of the registration (EMEA, NA, APAC, LATAM)
    • Need to confirm speaker attendance
    • Need to confirm registrant / attendee attendance
    • Registrant emails bouncing
    • Specific volunteer opportunities in registration form
    • Automation for querying funded travelers to provide links to the volunteer content (blogs, photos, etc) they agreed to do in order to get funding and get them sent to organizers, automate notification of who didn't do it to organizers
    • Is the person going to come if their talk was turned down? or are they not going to go then?
  • Submission
    • Submission acceptance is manual
    • ALL notifications are really manual! :-(
    • Did we mention there was a lot of manual stuff involved? (automate all the things)
    • Ability for submitter to tag their talk into a category
    • Allow co-speakers and communicate with all speakers of a talk
  • Voting
    • Used the Fedora voting system elections app / range voting with a restricted range
    • Had to look up talk synopsis elsewhere while voting in another window.... for 150 submissions its hard
    • It seemed like a huge number of talks had around 50 votes. When I saw that, I wondered if there was some issue in the voting system. (Or if many people were simply voting for every talk they found remotely interesting, rather than those they would actually attend.)
    • cluster related talks in the voting list so you can more easily compare them when voting
    • Note that many talks cross multiple categories. My "Remote Desktop & Fedora" is best categorized under Desktop (and thats how it was categorized), but some people would object to the categorization.
    • Elections app doesn't scale
  • Schedule
    • happy with, it's cheap (but we should doc our process so we don't get TZ issues and similar)
    • Only admins could update any talk info -- might be a permission issue (ability to edit some extra information like URL or materials or co-speakers)
    • link to video in schedule later
  • Information
    • Takes way too long to make simple change in content (locating where to do it, then waiting for admin page to load)
  • Resources
    • Luke has to jump in each year to fix it
    • Everyone having problems with WordPress on OpenShift
  • Website
    • Wordpress site backend/admin panel horrifically slow (we don't know why)
    • Wordpress backend/admin panel hard to navigate
    • Difficult to theme, so we don't update it
    • Archives of older flock info (eg videos, etc)
    • A way to pull curated photos or tweets into a semi-live feed
    • A way to tie volunteer content like photos, etc. to a badge
  • Other:
    • Need proper HTTPS certificates
    • Bid voting
    • Ability to upload slides?
    • Ability to later add a URL to video, e.g. Fedora YouTube channel
    • Transcriptions of talks -- need a place to post them

Ground Rules:

  • Yes, can put in a new application
  • Do not have to require that it runs on Fedora infrastructure (requires too much packaging resources to do so not ideal)
  • Something to run on openshift would be fantastic, we have access to that, we can scale access, can host a wide variety of frameworks/sw types
  • Turn key / commercial solutions can be considered but we really want something open source and we know open source ones exist so we'd really prefer that
    • If it's not on a framework or language where we have skills, then it needs to be more turnkey

Potential solutions:

Zookeepr - -- Ryan
  • Developed/used by LCA
  • Appears to be python
  • review / voting system
  • could talk to Donna Benjamin about it? (LCA organizer)
  • Fully FOSS (Rails engine, ruby >= 1.9.3) (can't customize it too much, higher bar)
  • Used for Open Source Bridge
SCaLE Reg (?)
  • Django app
  • Poor/nonexistent documentation
  • Appears to be registration only (not full featured web app)
Open Source Event Manager (OSEM) -- Mo
  • Ruby app (so we can't customize it too much, higher bar)
  • Used by openSUSE, GNOME, ownCloud; actively developed
  • openid support
Wordpress + Plugins -- Paul
Frab -- Jon
  • ruby implementation of PentaBarf
  • used for frosscon
  • no registration at DevConf? is that a function?
  • may not be ready for prime time + eventbrite + glue (custom code - foss) (moved down bc not foss)
Drupal COD (Conference Organizing Distribution) (moved down bc drupal is painful)
OpenConf (moved down bc academic)
  • Open core?
  • More aimed at paper-driven conferences (academic)
Open Conference Systems (moved down bc academic)
  • Fully FOSS (LAM/PHP)
  • Aimed at paper-driven conferences (academic)
PentaBarf (moved down bc people are migrating away from)
  • written in Perl so many events have dropped it
  • python implementation called frab
Bedrock - Mozilla engine, Foss,
Hackdash - Web platform that brings people and ideas together and allows anyone to know the state of each project.

Next Steps

  • communicate via flock-planning list
  • set up ethercalc for evaluation
  • set up test systems to play with

Tool Comparisons

Feature Conference Manager
Open Source Event Manager Open Conference Ware Zookeepr
Email Nags

Yes; all emails can be controlled with custom templates easily accessed from admin dashboard:

  • Onboarding
    • Email sent when user registers for conference
  • Proposals
    • Email sent when proposal accepted
    • Email sent when proposal rejected
    • Email sent when proposal confirmed but speaker hasn't registered
  • Update Notifications
    • Email sent when conference dates are updated
    • Email sent when conference registration dates are updated
    • Email sent when venue updated
  • Call for Papers
    • Email sent when Call for papers dates are updated or when schedule made public
    • Email sent when Call for papers dates are updated
Voting on Session Submissions Sort of. It looks like admins can vote on proposals (by clicking on 5 stars), and can also set a 'rating' (out of 5 stars) for a proposal. Yes. Assumes a committee is making selections, requires voters to be added to selection committee. Yes. Assumes a committee is making selections, requires voters to be added to selection committee.
Allows submitters to tag talks into category No. It does have a track system, but session submitters can't tag their own talks, it seems only admins can.
Allows for co-speakers No. It doesn't seem to allow submitters to add a co-speaker, and it doesn't seem to have a field for admins to add a co-speaker or change a speaker.
Remotee Attendance No. However, does allow posting a video player to the session details. This could work post-event. No. No.
Registration Yes. Yes. Yes.
Schedule Yes. Includes feature where you can drag-and-drop accepted sessions onto a time slot / room grid. Schedule part of software seems a bit disconnected from main app though and a bit rough in appearance.
OpenID Login Probably? At least, you can associate an OpenID with an already-created account. Assuming this means you can probably just log in with OpenID too given a particular configuration. Yes.'
Social Media Management Yes. Has a social media section that integrates content from conference Twitter/Google+ hashtag, conference Facebook page, Google+ URL for conference, Twitter page for conference, Instagram page for conference.
Venue Information Yes. Allows you to plug in details about the venue and also create the rooms the talks will be in with fields for the each room's name and capacity.
Hotel Information Yes. Allows you to enter in freeform details about recommended hotels and other lodgings near the conference.