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|ECTR 115  || Friday || 11 AM || State of the Fedora Kernel || [[User:Kashyapc|Kashyap Chamarthy]]
|ECTR 115  || Friday || 11 AM || State of the Fedora Kernel || [[User:Kashyapc|Kashyap Chamarthy]]
|ECTR 115  || Friday || 12 AM || KERNEL BUG TRIAGE LIVE! ||
|ECTR 115  || Friday || 12 PM || KERNEL BUG TRIAGE LIVE! || [[User:Ianweller|Ian Weller]]
|ECTR 120  || Friday || 10 AM || Is "cloud" something beyond a buzzword and should Fedora care? ||
|ECTR 120  || Friday || 10 AM || Is "cloud" something beyond a buzzword and should Fedora care? ||

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Each 45 minute session needs to have a volunteer running the camera, watching a timer, and monitoring IRC for Q&A (if it happens).

There are 10 tracks. The workshop/hackfest sessions will not need volunteers, as most of them will not be practical to record or stream.

By signing up for a session, you're committing to:

  • Attending that session
  • Getting there a few minutes early to start the video stream
  • Watching a timer and signalling the speaker (with signs) when he/she has 10, 5, and 0 minutes remaining.

You should not volunteer for a session where you are the speaker, or where you are giving a talk at the same time, or where you want to be in a separate session.

Just put your name beside the sessions that you want to volunteer for. Take as many as you want, but please, only one volunteer per session.

Remember, by doing this, you make it possible for the rest of the Fedora community to participate (and view for years to come). Thanks!

Volunteer Slots

Friday August 9

Room Day Time Topic Volunteer
Auditorium Friday 9 AM FPL Keynote Tom Callaway
Auditorium Friday 10 AM Fedmsg Haikel Guemar
Auditorium Friday 11 AM Why Fedora Sucks! Iwan Gabovitch
Auditorium Friday 12 PM ARM Architecture 101
ECTR 101 Friday 10 AM Creating an RPM from scratch Kenneth Peeples
ECTR 101 Friday 11 AM Darkserver: Current and Future Roadmap
ECTR 101 Friday 12 PM Agility and FOSS
ECTR 103 Friday 10 AM Ask Fedora Update
ECTR 103 Friday 11 AM HyperKitty: The new mailing list UI
ECTR 103 Friday 12 PM Bugzilla
ECTR 107 Friday 10 AM Evolution of a Linux Distribution and its Ecosystem
ECTR 107 Friday 11 AM Installer Redesign and Rewrite Retrospective
ECTR 107 Friday 12 PM Fedora Ambassadors - State of the Union
ECTR 109 Friday 10 AM Fedora ARM - State of the Union
ECTR 109 Friday 11 AM Porting Fedora to 64-bit ARM John Dulaney
ECTR 109 Friday 12 PM Future of the Data Center
ECTR 112 Friday 10 AM State of Security in Fedora
ECTR 112 Friday 11 AM FreeIPA Two Factor Authentication
ECTR 112 Friday 12 PM P***** - Product Naming in Global Communities
ECTR 115 Friday 10 AM A Tour of Linux portability
ECTR 115 Friday 11 AM State of the Fedora Kernel Kashyap Chamarthy
ECTR 115 Friday 12 PM KERNEL BUG TRIAGE LIVE! Ian Weller
ECTR 120 Friday 10 AM Is "cloud" something beyond a buzzword and should Fedora care?
ECTR 120 Friday 11 AM Putting the PaaS in Fedora
ECTR 120 Friday 12 PM Bringing Hadoop to Fedora Kenneth Peeples
ECTR 212 Friday 10 AM Education with Fedora
ECTR 212 Friday 11 AM Fedora College
ECTR 212 Friday 12 PM Fedora Software Center

Saturday August 10

Room Day Time Topic Volunteer
Auditorium Saturday 9 AM Lulzbot Keynote Tom Callaway
Auditorium Saturday 10 AM Pidora 18 (Raspberry Pi Fedora Remix)
Auditorium Saturday 11 AM Fedora Badges Tatica Leandro
Auditorium Saturday 12 PM OpenShift, Fedora, and the future of packaged web apps
ECTR 101 Saturday 10 AM Using Fedora for developing things other than Fedora Chris Roberts
ECTR 101 Saturday 11 AM Make Games Using Free as in Freedom Art and Audio
ECTR 101 Saturday 12 PM KVM and Virtio Introduction
ECTR 103 Saturday 10 AM Fedora At Yahoo!
ECTR 103 Saturday 11 AM Fedora Passwords (then and now)
ECTR 103 Saturday 12 PM Submitting Updates via Bodhi
ECTR 107 Saturday 11 AM An Architecture for a More Agile Fedora Mathieu Bridon
ECTR 107 Saturday 12 AM Task Automation in Fedora QA Mathieu Bridon
ECTR 109 Saturday 10 AM Virtualization on ARM Kashyap Chamarthy
ECTR 109 Saturday 11 AM The Hotrodder's Guide to Maximum Performance LAMP
ECTR 109 Saturday 12 PM Mozilla Open Badges in Sugar on OLPC
ECTR 112 Saturday 10 AM SELinux for Mere Mortals
ECTR 112 Saturday 11 AM What's New With SELinux?
ECTR 112 Saturday 12 PM Hardening Apache Chris Roberts
ECTR 114 Saturday 10 AM Gource: Telling Stories via Source Code
ECTR 114 Saturday 11 AM What's New In Software Management
ECTR 114 Saturday 12 PM AWS, Private Cloud, and Open Source Haikel Guemar
ECTR 115 Saturday 10 AM Kernel Regression Testing for Fun and Profit
ECTR 115 Saturday 11 AM Btrfs - Cool Butter
ECTR 115 Saturday 12 AM Kernel Fuzz Testing
ECTR 120 Saturday 10 AM Federated and Free - Distributed and Decentralized Apps on OpenShift Emily Dirsh
ECTR 120 Saturday 11 AM Scale or Fail - Give your app the Speed it Needs in the Cloud
ECTR 120 Saturday 12 PM pcp+systemtap: Performance Monitoring for Workstations and Networks

Sunday August 11

Room Day Time Topic Volunteer
Auditorium Sunday 9 AM Dave Crossland Keynote Tom Callaway
Auditorium Sunday 10 AM Changing the Default Updates Model Aurélien Bompard
Auditorium Sunday 11 AM Gaming on Fedora Iwan Gabovitch
Auditorium Sunday 12 PM Ansible Aurélien Bompard
ECTR 101 Sunday 10 AM User Build Tools
ECTR 101 Sunday 11 AM About MATE Desktop
ECTR 101 Sunday 12 PM Scaling Integration Testing with Beaker
ECTR 103 Sunday 10 AM Code Review for Fedora Apps
ECTR 103 Sunday 11 AM OpenID in the Fedora Services
ECTR 103 Sunday 12 PM The Life of a Package Mahrud Sayrafi
ECTR 107 Sunday 10 AM User Testing for the Rest of Us
ECTR 107 Sunday 11 AM Making Distributed VoIP Work (and Work Well)
ECTR 107 Sunday 12 AM State of OrangeFS
ECTR 109 Sunday 10 AM Fedora Project Ambassadors - Collaborate, Design, Engage
ECTR 109 Sunday 11 AM Ambassadors Work in a Region - Annual Planning
ECTR 109 Sunday 12 PM The Fedora Ambassadors Census
ECTR 112 Sunday 10 AM Secure Linux Containers Mahrud Sayrafi
ECTR 112 Sunday 11 AM PKI Made Easy: Managing Certificates With Dogtag
ECTR 112 Sunday 12 PM Measuring the Fedora Community with Census
ECTR 114 Sunday 10 AM Fedora vs the Semantic Web
ECTR 114 Sunday 11 AM Fedora Videos
ECTR 114 Sunday 12 PM Unifying Administration with OpenLMI Kashyap Chamarthy
ECTR 120 Sunday 10 AM Hyperscale Cloud Management with OpenStack
ECTR 120 Sunday 11 AM Polyglot Spatial with FOSS in the Cloud
ECTR 120 Sunday 12 PM See the light: SDN, OpenDaylight, Open vSwitch and Fedora