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A page on Fedora Fonts

Fixing problems

We have a list of identified problems in Fedora or in the upstreams Fedora depends on. If you have the time and the skill, fixing them would help the Fedora text and font situation a lot.

Tagging problems
Problems are tagged by CC-ing the SIG bugs list when the upstream issue tracker allows it (any bugzilla) or by CC-ing a specific user (fedorafonts) otherwise.

Issue tracker Description Issues Tagging method and other comments Fedora package grouping (comps), specific Fedora code changes Problem list CC the bugs list Fontconfig, HarfBuzz, DejaVu, Freetype… Problem list Pango Problem list KDE (Konqueror…) Problem list Firefox, Thunderbird… Problem list Webkit Problem list

Also our desktop like every *nix desktop has an input language awareness problem .

Font creation

Fedora ships and relies on several free and open font projects. They are always looking for new contributors: