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== Team ==
* [[User:Mitzie | Zacharias Mitzelos]]
* [[User:Giannisk | Giannis Konstantinidis]]
== Reports ==
== Reports ==
TBA after the event.
TBA after the event.

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FOSSCOMM (Free and Open Source Software Communities Meeting) is a Greek conference aiming at Open Source enthusiasts, developers, and communities. It has been hosted in various cities around Greece and its goal is to promote the use of FOSS in Greece and to bring FOSS enthusiasts together.

Every year we meet, share our knowledge, news regarding our favourite projects, run a lot of sessions and of course workshops. FOSSCOMM is a really good place for seeking contributors while there are a lot of hackers and developers who come to contact their favourite projects.

When and Where

16-17 April 2016, Athens, Greece (in Greek)

Suggested Talks and WorkShops

Feel free to add yours!

Name Description Type (talk/workshop) Owner

Items to Bring

  • Demo laptops
  • Media & Swag
    • F23 DVDs
    • Stickers
    • Flyers
    • Fedora Banners/Posters
    • Roll-up banners (mitzie)

Booth Personnel

Name Booth setup Saturday Sunday Clean-up Comments
Zacharias Mitzelos X X X X
Giannis Konstantinidis X X X X
Nestos Theophrastou X X X
Dimitris Glaros X X X X


TBA after the event.