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We were offered a free booth at this years fosscon so I am putting forth my bid to own this event (unless someone local would like it)


June 19th, 2010


Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, NY.


I Justin "threethirty" O'Brien live in Indiana, I'm not terribly far away but I would need financial help.


The cost of this event would be somewhere in the $600-$1000 range (1000 being worst case scenario) that breaks down this way:

Flight: $195-$428

Hotel: $59-$150

Flight & Hotel together $400-$700 again

Cabs: $30 ( says the ride from the airport would about $8 but I've never been to NY so I don't know if that is true)


These are all so broad because I have little to no knowledge of the area. If someone with knowledge of the area would care to hop in here and help me out that would be awesome. Also I know this page looks terrible I'm still working on my wiki-fu